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Comments for Quit Ransoming Yourself

By System @system2010-09-03 02:42:41.000Z
  1. D
    Dave2010-09-04 07:51:00.000Z

    The reaction to the idea of unity government was, as you say, as though the proponent had forgotten a law of physics, or possibly forgotten to wipe his shoes on the mat before entering the hallowed corridors of power.

    No, no, *no*, Oakeshott! That's not the way it works you silly boy. Only *half* the people are allowed representation at any given time. I mean, if the government represented *everyone*, it wouldn't really be a "democracy" any more, would it? Somebody has to lose, or else how can we run the country in a civilised manner?

    Anyway, it's ridiculous that the government should stand or fall on the whim of independents who merely have access to treasury costings and briefings from major departments. Let's get back to the way things are supposed to work, where the government stands or falls on the whims of last-minute swing voters based on the scariness of political advertising. Ah Oakeshott and his quaint notions of unity...

    1. JJason Heeris2010-09-04 08:20:00.000Z

      Don't you just want to make a board game out of it?

      (Shotgun all intellectual property rights!)

      1. DDave2010-09-05 06:54:00.000Z

        We used to own an old board game called "Parliament":

        I don't know where it came from or disappeared to. I'll pretend I've never heard of it if you give me a $340 million cut of your licence fees.