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Comments for Asylum Seeker Chaos Is Anything But

By System @system2011-05-02 19:19:21.000Z
  1. S
    Sanna2011-05-04 17:57:00.000Z

    In addition to the application of common sense to the asylum seeker issue, I salute your choice to come out of the closet regarding The Princess Bride. At best I find it a bit meh, but if you're of a certain age and hang out with fencers a lot, The Princess Bride is canon and you end up watching it far more than is necessary. I fear my indifference to the film may lead to me becoming ostracised.


    1. JJason Heeris2011-05-05 20:09:00.000Z

      > ...the application of common sense to the asylum seeker issue...

      Let's be honest, it was more the application of a dictionary.

      But yes, as non-fans of TPB we regularly face [exclusion and ridicule]( We need to show solidarity.

      Maybe we could convince the ACMA that the film incites sedition...