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Comments for A Simple Time Machine

By System @system2003-06-01 14:00:00.000Z
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    Terry2013-10-29 05:39:34.000Z

    I constructed your time machine as instructed, but was disappointed to find that it does not work as described. I too planned to travel only a short distance in my initial test, but found the distance traveled was shorter than calculated by your formula. I believe this is due to the omission of a factor of exp(exp(-i*pi)) in your time-difference-equation.
    See you in the future....

    1. ZZeke2013-10-30 04:27:01.000Z

      My time travel experiment was likewise unsuccessful, but so was my attempt to fix the problem by reinserting the constant discussed by Terry above (which, being entirely new, I propose to name "Terry's constant"). I believe this is due to an excess of exp(), or expcess, if you will.
      After an exhaustive study in which I tested all functions in alphabetical order, I have found the correct adjustment to make. The numerator in your infinite summation should not be 1 at all, but (ln T)^k, where T is Terry's constant. This will cause the sum to stop increasing without limit, and instead somehow "zoom in" on a particular value -- a bizarre phenomenon that requires further study.
      your future self

    2. W
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      Wuffle2013-10-30 08:06:02.000Z

      This is amazing, and a bit crazy, but true. I just time travelled WITHOUT building the machine! I began reading these instructions on building the machine, and lost a full 10 minutes. I'm convinced I only took 3 minutes to read it. Well, you do the math. (ok, I'll do it; endTime - startTime = totalTime; 9:45 - 9:58 = -13 minutes; totalTimeLost - actualTimeToRead; -13 - (-3) = 10 minutes unaccounted for)...

      WHOOoooa! I just noticed I did it again. And it's around 10 minutes again. Could this be a new constant? At this rate I'll either be at the end of my life in no time or live for a very long time; it's relative, I think.

      1. H
        In reply toUnknown [DwE4KFYW2]:
        Helen Ruby2017-03-01 20:16:41.000Z

        Has anyone tried using the experiment lately.....and if so....were you successful/