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Comments for Why Should Engineers Learn Particle Physics?

By System @system2012-06-30 19:28:23.000Z
  1. A
    alexsuperman2013-10-30 17:58:15.000Z

    Very nice article. I am a Civil Engineer.... and know some basic stuff about DNA .... just out of Russian high-school program

    1. J
      In reply toUnknown [DwE4KFYW2]:
      jakester2013-10-31 06:58:45.000Z

      Wow. I stumbled on your site because of the "you shouldn't interrupt a programmer" comic. I am not an engineer by trade, but I actually think that I should learn more general physics because of your post. Definitely food for thought. Thanks for sharing your doctor/DNA scenario. Interesting. Thanks.

      1. R
        In reply toUnknown [DwE4KFYW2]:
        Rob Fisher2013-11-12 02:49:42.000Z

        Also here because of your programmer comic. It's going viral.

        I think you're right. Some self-study might be in order. What's your favourite textbook?

        1. P
          In reply toUnknown [DwE4KFYW2]:
          paper services reviews2014-10-12 12:37:35.000Z

          For me it is ideal way that every engineers must have to learn the principles of Physics, as it will help them able to do many things about their works that involves basic principles of Physics that is theoretically used in their field of degree.

          1. Ş
            In reply toUnknown [DwE4KFYW2]:
            Şamil Korkmaz2015-09-18 13:38:22.000Z

            Teaching concepts and forcing students to pass exams are different things. If you have a free discussion about physics concepts, (in the style of the popular YouTube channels Veritasium, VSauce, Vi Hart), that's fine. If you are handing out examinations, then the students have every right to criticize.

            1. J2Jason Heeris2015-09-22 23:57:20.000Z

              Exams are orthogonal to what I'm talking about. Any teacher could just put relativity or particle physics in an exam, and say "that's what we want to teach and assess." It's not really an argument for why you'd want to teach and assess the topic though.

            2. C
              In reply toUnknown [DwE4KFYW2]:
              code.energy2017-01-19 15:48:09.000Z

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