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Comments for Leaving the Democrats

By System @system2013-01-31 19:55:46.000Z
  1. J
    jack2013-01-31 20:09:36.000Z

    Sorry to see you go, I believe you should stay a member though. I have come to the conclusion that popular vote doesnt reflect a persons ability to do the job.
    Best of luck and maybe its time to consider a New Australian Democrats - the NADS.

    1. J2Jason Heeris2013-01-31 23:34:26.000Z

      Thanks Jack... but no thanks :) Staying on as a member would just be too frustrating. A clean break is better, and I can focus my energy somewhere else.

      But your NADS idea has merit. Someone who could get even a couple of NADs together would really be playing ball. As long as they could stand a good member and avoid the NADs shrinking, they could one day be cupping Australian politics in the palm of their hand.

      1. Jjack2013-02-01 14:39:57.000Z

        Ah well mate, good luck , I think the Democrats need balls so if NADS comes out of the wreckage hopefully you might want to play ball and be a member again.