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Comments for This Is Why You Shouldn"t Interrupt a Programmer

By System @system2013-10-17 02:15:22.000Z

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  1. C
    Christian Münster @Cpmonster2019-10-22 08:24:18.106Z

    As a technical person who supports normal people every day, I'm crazy about this strip.
    But; normal people dont understand this c=1 stuff.
    If you made one with spreadsheets, vlookup in external spreadsheets or similar, something normal people understand.

    I brought this strip to a sales / economics meetings, debating the use of developers resources.
    Not one (normal) person understood this drawing.
    As soon as it was explained using spreadsheet and other office related software, they understood right away.

    Now we have silence in the R/D department.

    1. D
      In reply tosystem:
      Dan Haiduc @danuker2020-10-30 11:07:30.090Z

      I believe TDD is the cure for this. It keeps me focused on the next ONE TINY thing to do. And while I code and refactor, the computer enforces that all the constraints from the past are still satisfied.

      1. D
        In reply tosystem:
        Dirk2021-03-25 15:20:55.017Z

        Too fucking true. Trying to code and debug a really complex algorithm and when I don't answer emails I get a personal phonecall or a visit.
        What a wasted day

        1. P
          In reply tosystem:
          Picasso CT @Picasso2021-04-10 22:58:01.777Z

          We seem to encounter to constantly rise in our missed deadlines. Better check up more frequently on those programmers. After all, management per definition is communication with people, so why cant they have a workload like i do?

          1. L
            In reply toUnknown [DwE4KFYW2]:
            Lukas Eder2013-10-29 01:42:40.000Z

            THIS! This is the best rendition I've ever seen of what it feels like. Awesome drawing :-)

            1. R
              In reply toUnknown [DwE4KFYW2]:
              Robin2013-10-29 04:12:13.000Z

              Uh, yeah... maybe use a better example than a single-character comparison with a resulting single-command body, like a case of serious programming logic that actually takes some time to get in and out of when being disturbed.

              1. LLukas Eder2013-10-29 04:26:42.000Z

                Meanwhile, everyone else coming here from HN enjoyed the subtle humour in this strip. But not Robin, the troll.

                1. FFeng Yue Chong2014-04-22 04:50:31.000Z

                  Lukas Eder, just because Robin's opinion differs from yours it does not mean that he's a "troll".

                  It makes you look like the boy who cried wolf when you make false accusations like that.

                  Nobody will take you seriously because of your false alarms, and we will ignore anything and everything that you write.

                  1. D2Dat Bong2014-08-21 10:11:31.000Z

                    How does it make him look like the buy who cried wolf dipshit?
                    WTF are you talking about seriously?

                    1. L2LeeJS2014-09-30 20:21:21.000Z

                      Because if he throws the accusation around like confetti it loses its value. Just like the boy who cried wolf, if you use the term when it's not appropriate people will refuse to believe you when it is. I would have thought it was obvious.

                      Maybe, just maybe, you don't know everything and sometimes the dipshit is you.

                      1. R2Robin Who2016-11-30 20:56:41.000Z

                        You're right, the wording should have been: "Robin, the idiot.", he isn't a troll he's just an individual who needs a joke to be overly comp

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                  2. In reply toLukas Eder:
                    Ttenebrous2014-08-27 18:00:06.000Z

                    Maybe we should outsource this project to Robin.

                    1. In reply toLukas Eder:
                      Bboy ignoy - Proud Filipino!2015-02-03 09:43:37.000Z

                      Actually, Robin's opinion is intelligent. He was actually suggesting a different rendition of the graphic which for him fits. Ego has to be left behind when we relieve ourselves with stress.. Making negative arguments is not healthy.. Cheers lads! Nice illustration though.. I like it and showed around. Thanks..

                    2. In reply toRobin:
                      F2Fortyseven2013-10-29 05:04:40.000Z

                      Wow, you can almost smell that wet blanket aroma!

                      1. SSlackergrrl2013-11-09 08:57:40.000Z

                        Haha hahaha. Awesome.

                      2. In reply toRobin:
                        JJohnDoe2013-10-29 05:38:12.000Z

                        The point is to show that a simple piece of code can lead to a whole complicated mess of thoughts. It's also easier for non-programmers to understand, which is basically who this comic is mainly for.

                        1. In reply toRobin:
                          Aandy2013-10-29 07:47:42.000Z

                          Uh, yeah... maybe use an avatar that doesn't look like a big black cock.

                          1. B2Ben2013-10-29 09:21:14.000Z

                            The penis is purple, not black. Ever been checked for colorblindness?

                            1. KKevin2013-10-29 09:48:17.000Z

                              False. It's brown with a purple border

                              1. B3Bryan2013-10-30 08:19:12.000Z

                                No it's not; it's transparent with a purple outline.

                                1. R3rocketshipman2013-10-30 13:22:43.000Z

                                  Its not even a penis. Its a rocket ship duh

                                  1. K2ksp2015-01-27 14:00:39.000Z

                                    Every rocket looks like a penis

                                    1. PPhilip Marks2015-07-08 08:48:09.000Z

                                      That's why we like rocket ships.

                              2. In reply toBen:
                                P2Patrick2013-11-16 14:31:37.000Z

                                The brown is rgb(0x44,0x40,0x36), and the yellow is rgb(0xcd,0xda,0x48). There's no purple. Really, there's two browns.

                              3. In reply toandy:
                                UU_Mad_BRO2013-10-29 14:18:38.000Z

                                LOL!! Thanks a lot! Just made me smile for the first time this year! Amazing!!

                                1. A2AINT_NO_BODY_GOT_TIME_FO_MAD2013-10-31 05:28:36.000Z

                                  That's sad bro...

                              4. In reply toRobin:
                                B4Blake Petersen2013-10-29 07:58:51.000Z

                                You're so smart, I bet you make friends wherever you go. I am beyond jealous...

                                1. B4Blake Petersen2013-10-29 08:03:43.000Z

                                  Replied to Robin, not sure why it's indented for Andy...

                                2. In reply toRobin:
                                  S2Sam2013-10-29 09:15:16.000Z

                                  That's the whole point: That even a single, innocuous line can have far reaching and intricate implications. I would make a derogatory comment about your experience not enlightening you that some of the most basic changes require major insight in complex systems, but you've done it for me :(

                                  1. In reply toRobin:
                                    MMike V2013-10-29 13:05:59.000Z


                                    1. In reply toRobin:
                                      R4richard2013-10-29 14:46:56.000Z

                                      I refuse to take 1 bit of advice from some 2-bit troll whose avatar resembles an 8-bit cock

                                      1. S3Scott2013-10-29 18:50:13.000Z

                                        "8-bit cock" ftw. I want the tshirt.

                                        1. In reply torichard:
                                          S4Spanky Quigm,an2013-10-30 04:46:44.000Z

                                          Best response of all. You win.

                                          1. S4Spanky Quigm,an2013-10-30 04:47:47.000Z

                                            That was supposed to be a reply to Richard's original comment, not the t-shirt response. Although I agree, I'd probably buy the t-shirt as well!

                                        2. In reply toRobin:
                                          J2Jason Gordon2013-10-29 20:10:19.000Z

                                          Robin, if this is a joke, it's one of the funniest I've seen. This thread is genius, T-shirt worthy. Hope for ur sake it was a joke!

                                          1. In reply toRobin:
                                            R5Robert Sullivan2013-10-30 06:09:41.000Z

                                            serious programming logic

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                                            1. In reply toRobin:
                                              T2TrollDetector2014-05-23 04:50:00.000Z

                                              You must be really fun at parties

                                              1. R6RathfordTheRude2015-02-07 18:36:04.000Z

                                                Are you?

                                              2. In reply toRobin:
                                                J3Jon2015-07-08 10:04:15.000Z

                                                Because it's easier for the interrupting party to understand

                                              3. J4
                                                In reply toUnknown [DwE4KFYW2]:
                                                Jerome Eteve2013-10-29 05:38:37.000Z

                                                And this is why programmers should use YACC

                                                1. C
                                                  In reply toUnknown [DwE4KFYW2]:
                                                  Craig2013-10-29 06:51:05.000Z

                                                  The first stick figure should be wearing headphones. It rarely works, but it's the universal programmer sign for "I'm thinking right now."

                                                  1. C2Coleman2013-10-29 10:22:02.000Z

                                                    "it rarely works" and "universal" are orthogonal concepts.

                                                    1. M2Mark2013-10-30 01:22:59.000Z

                                                      Coders often put on headphones to block out the sound from all the other people in the shared office space. To think and not be distracted.

                                                      People ignore this, and interrupt them (us) anyway with useless conversation.

                                                      It's universal - it rarely works.

                                                      1. C3Chuso2013-12-06 02:17:18.000Z

                                                        Sooo true.

                                                      2. In reply toColeman:
                                                        Oopinion2018-01-31 00:00:41.000Z

                                                        I don't know if you realise this, but two things that are orthogonal are _not_ mutually exclusive.

                                                        > 1 of or involving right angles; at right angles.
                                                        > 2 Statistics (of variates) statistically independent.
                                                        > • (of an experiment) having variates which can be treated as statistically independent.

                                                        In other words, X can change without affecting Y at all, so something can be anywhere on the spectrum from universal to not universal and that has no bearing on where it can be on the spectrum from works every time to never works.

                                                      3. In reply toCraig:
                                                        D3dave2013-10-30 15:44:23.000Z

                                                        Yep. One time someone came in and quietly stood by my desk until I noticed him. Literally just stood there. I ignored him for a little bit hoping he'd think "oh, Dave's in the zone" but no dice. After pausing my music, removing the headphones, and asking what I could do for him (without sounding as annoyed as I felt), he asked if I got the ticket for a report request he sent moments before getting up to walk to my desk on his way to the break room. A lot of tongue biting was had that day. The sales/marketing staff always seemed to be worse than managers and their impromptu "lightning session status meeting" before they punch out 6 hours into the work day.

                                                        1. WWaffa2014-06-21 07:10:19.000Z

                                                          Kind of real life Office Space (movie) situation @ dave

                                                        2. In reply toCraig:
                                                          J5JB2013-11-03 03:31:47.000Z

                                                          You can augment the headphones with this to improve the disturbance ratio.


                                                        3. S5
                                                          In reply toUnknown [DwE4KFYW2]:
                                                          Swanand2013-10-29 07:31:54.000Z

                                                          Dude, I can totally relate.

                                                          1. B5
                                                            In reply toUnknown [DwE4KFYW2]:
                                                            Bouillon Logic2013-10-29 08:33:33.000Z

                                                            I've actually had headphones on, chat disabled, and a sign on my desk saying "No Interruptions Please" and **still** had some clown interrupt just to ask how it's going.

                                                            1. J6Javascript Jedi2013-10-30 08:02:31.000Z

                                                              I'm sure it's your own fault for being too friendly when you are _not_ busy

                                                              1. T3The Bear2013-11-02 05:22:42.000Z

                                                                That's why I'm known by my avatar's name around the office here.

                                                            2. M3
                                                              In reply toUnknown [DwE4KFYW2]:
                                                              MadHattr2013-10-29 08:39:11.000Z

                                                              The link for the PDF is broken. And I need this to show my boss what he's doing every time he pops in for an hourly 'status update'. NEED.

                                                              1. J7Jason Heeris2013-10-29 11:24:55.000Z

                                                                I updated the [PDF link]( to point to Ubuntu One for now, since my webserver seems to be partially melting down...

                                                                1. D4David2014-08-12 15:19:19.000Z

                                                                  LOL, nice solution.

                                                                  1. J7Jason Heeris2014-08-13 02:47:04.000Z

                                                                    IKR :P It's on Dropbox now

                                                                2. In reply toMadHattr:
                                                                  T4Tim Wood2016-02-02 21:31:02.000Z

                                                                  Next time he drops by say, "I scheduled two job interviews in the last hour."

                                                                3. C4
                                                                  In reply toUnknown [DwE4KFYW2]:
                                                                  Carlos Alexandro Becker2013-10-29 08:40:04.000Z

                                                                  Just sent this to my wife. Glad I bought a comfortable couch.

                                                                  1. B6
                                                                    In reply toUnknown [DwE4KFYW2]:
                                                                    Brett Warner2013-10-29 09:11:16.000Z

                                                                    This is missing the final slides where you don't even remember why you were looking at the problem in the first place. Then reflexively chec

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                                                                    1. S6
                                                                      In reply toUnknown [DwE4KFYW2]:
                                                                      Steve2013-10-29 09:17:18.000Z

                                                                      Your PDF appears to not be working...

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                                                                      1. C5
                                                                        In reply toUnknown [DwE4KFYW2]:
                                                                        Carol2013-10-29 09:27:19.000Z

                                                                        Oh yes!!! **Perfection**!!!

                                                                        1. B7
                                                                          In reply toUnknown [DwE4KFYW2]:
                                                                          Bob Spline2013-10-29 09:34:25.000Z

                                                                          This is also unfortunately very true for Infrastructure and network engineers. Oof. HATE being interrupted when debugging network anomalies,

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                                                                          1. P3
                                                                            In reply toUnknown [DwE4KFYW2]:
                                                                            Phaygo2013-10-29 10:20:00.000Z

                                                                            Holy damn, never have I seen a truer representation of how disruptive it is to interrupt a programmer, awesome! There have been studies that

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