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Comments for Lazy, Arrogant and Full of Stick Figures

By System @system2014-06-09 12:01:52.000Z
  1. J
    Jarmezrocks2015-08-04 15:59:57.000Z

    I know this is an older article, and I stumbled across your site through searches unrelated to the subject matter and found myself here because your articles are interesting. Maybe I relate to you because I am of similar view, similar age, similar interest or located in similar geographic region? Maybe all of the above? Regardless I wanted to write here because I think you are spot on the mark with this......and I feel the need to because I'm in disbelief of how you have managed to write this and not had a single comment of support since 2013?

    1. J2Jason Heeris2015-08-04 22:26:49.000Z

      Hah, thanks! I actually have had some good comments, but via Twitter :) I actually thought it would be dated by now, but no, these articles just keep coming...