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Comments for Crowdfunding Science into the Ground

By System @system2014-08-06 12:50:47.000Z
  1. L
    Laurie Anne Ormond2014-08-07 03:34:45.000Z

    I think there is also another potential issue here, one that we see in arts fields – if young scientists who can afford to do so (which I can only think must mean that they have someone else funding their costs of living, are healthy, and probably not carers) start agreeing not only to work for less than minimum wage, but to do so while doing *both* their science *and* the work of finding the money for science ... then why would any organisation bother to pay actual salaries of scientists, grants officers, or in fact HR personnel? IR history might call this a form of scab labour.

    1. JJason Heeris2014-08-07 07:05:10.000Z
      IR history might call this a form of scab labour.

      Yes, I was kind of dancing around the s-word here. Perhaps, at this precise point in time, it doesn't quite fit. I'm not sure. But we're starting to see a lot of the same kind of consequences already.