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Comments for Rubbish Review Debut: The Noontec N5 NAS - The Slightly Disgruntled Scientist

By System @system2015-07-19 22:18:42.000Z
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    Adrian Tritschler @ajft2021-04-11 03:52:54.343Z

    Here I am, a rainy Sunday morning six years after this was written & I stumble on an N5 that's sitting in a box of junk because I never did get it working. Poked & fiddled a bit to see if I can bring it to life to do anything useful, then hunt around for webpages and find this one. Reads, nods knowingly, chuckles. Perhaps I should just put the N5 back in the box of junk, I suspect it isn't ever going to do anything. At least mine never came with cockroaches

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      In reply toUnknown [DwE4KFYW2]:
      bassius_fiendus2015-07-28 08:24:15.000Z

      Those cockroaches were put there on purpose, to scare off other cockroaches. I'm surprised that feature wasn't listed on the box.