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By System @system2020-08-29 17:49:42.227Z
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    Bill Streifer @photografr72020-08-29 17:49:42.318Z

    I recently wrote an article on the history of heavy water production for The Bulletin for the History of Chemistry, a university publication.

    The just today, the editor notified me that my article had been formatted and woukd appear in that journal in a couple of months. He called my article “fascinating” since the original inventor of the heavy water process appears no where in any book or article on the subject.

    But to be honest, I know very little about heavy water, or about chemistry for that matter. What I do know — what I’m very good at — is historical research: locating documents, contacting archives around the world, stuff like that.

    So I proudly sent the editor’s comments to my friends and colleagues. One of those friends, who is very familiar with my other articles, wrote back and said, “I think you really punched above your weight class. That’s a compliment.”

    My point is: Punching above your weight class in science isn’t always a bad thing.